Weekly Rollup 6-12 November

Training Rollup:

Monday: Easy afternoon run. It was cold in the morning and my bed was too warm and comfy… Not a good excuse, but it was the truth. Got out in the afternoon and had a really enjoyable run (still a little cold…). 4.16 miles @ 147 avg HR.

Tuesday: PRT session with my study group. Focus of the day was running, so we conducted a sprint workout. Looked like this:

Preparation Drill (10 reps) + Hip Stability Drill Military Movement Drill

30/60s (30 second sprint / 60 second recovery) x 10 sets+ 300 Yard Shuttle Sprint

(Let’s be honest… the shuttle sprint was more like a shuttle jog…)

Recovery Drill

Following the workout, I had a little extra time, so I did another set of 10 30/60s on my own… Ended up being about 2.5 miles total

Wednesday: Easy 3 miler in the morning (29 degrees… brrr) and the following PRT work out in the afternoon with my study group:

Preparation Drill (10 reps) + 4 for the Core + Conditioning Drill #1(2x 5 reps) + Climbing Drill #1 (2x 5 reps) + PU and SU Drill (2x 45 seconds)+ Recovery Drill

Thursday: Morning threshold/tempo pace 5k on my “flat” route.

Friday: Easy 4.2ish miler. I needed to get out and get some fresh air… but BRRR it was cold. This was the first time I had to actually watch for ICE as I was running. Does this mean winter is finally coming to Kansas City?!


Saturday: Impromptu rest day. I had a TON of homework, reading, etc to catch up on so I skipped my planned long run.

Sunday: Another impromptu rest day. After Mass, I had an intense migraine, so I ended up just closing myself into a dark room until it passed… 6 hours later, I realized that it wasn’t going to go away and my run just wasn’t going to happen.

Weekly Total (according to Garmin): 18.69 miles

This week was another crappy one! I feel like I have balance with school / working out, but the past (and next!) few weeks are sort of like finals week- all the papers, test, practical exercises, etc are approaching the due date and it is a mad rush to get everything done!



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Training Rollup for 10/30 – 11/5

I’ve been struggling to get back into a routine the past few weeks. My husband has come to visit several times (which is GREAT), and it is a little disruptive to my normal day-to-day schedule. Also, I’m involved in a study with Kansas State University that involves adhering to a specifc physical fitness program (I can explain more later), so I have to conduct at least two group sessions a week. I try to work my running around the sessions and take adjust my running plan to account for the “run” workouts that are a part of the program. Here is how my week looked:

Monday: Rest Day. I was feeling a little sick and took the day off.

Tuesday: 20 min slow run (reading for class on the treadmill…) + chest/biceps/calves


Wednesday: Hill intervals on the treadmill. It was 30 degrees out… So I elected to do my PRT workouts on Thursday and Friday, when it would be a little warmer. Hill workout looked like this:

5 mins @ 110-130 HR (walking about 3.7-4.5mph)

5 mins @ 130-150 HR (jog about 5.5 mph)

12x 30 sec hill (7% incline, 6mph); 90 sec recovery (0% incline, 3.7mph)

5 mins @ 110-130 HR (walking about 3.7-4.5mph)


Still frustrated with the backslide that I’ve had, but walking when needed to get my HR training back on track.

Thursday: I was supposed to do Physical Readiness Training (PRT), but the rest of my group had other obligations. My workout ended up just being a run on the treadmill for 45 minutes (3.75mi) at 130-155 bpm HR.

Friday: Had a running PRT session with the group.

Preparation Drill

Hip Stability

Military Movement Drill

25 minute run (2.40mi, 151 HR)

Recovery Drill

Saturday: I signed up for a cheap ($25) half marathon on Fort Leavenworth. However, when I woke up on Saturday, my shins were a little sore and I knew that 13.1 miles would just hurt me… So I opted to skip and run an easy run instead. This has been kind of a rough week for me in regards to running. Ended up with 5.40 miles, 142 avg HR.

Sunday: Did an easy 4(.10) miler before church. The weather was chilly with a slight drizzle and reminded me of home (Washington).

Weekly Total (as per garmin): 20.60 miles

This wasn’t my greatest week… Although I’ve been in Kansas City and in school for over 4 months, I still am strugging to get into a good routine with running. I need to focus on getting strength training in as well. Goals for next week, eh?



I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin this week. Help spread the love and see what others are up to by visiting their pages!