Heart and Sole Classic (10K)

I recently participated in the Kansas Heart and Sole Classic 5k/10k race in Olathe, Kansas. I really enjoyed this race. It was a smaller race, with a lot of families and children involved in the 5k portion. Husband and I decided to run the 10k, which was two loops of the 5k route.

Packet Pickup: Race day packet pickup was smooth and uneventful. Husband wasn’t able to sign up online before the race, so we completed his race day registration without any issues. We grabbed the bibs and t-shirts and headed back to the car to enjoy a little downtime before the race. Pickup took a total of maaaaaybe 10 minutes. Easy peasey.

Pre-race: There were a lot of families with their children in the race and everyone seemed to know one another. There was a nice energy to the small race and there was even a mascot of some sort (I think from the local indoor soccer team?) there taking pictures with the kids. It was low key – not a lot of loud, pumping music. Just a lot of excited little kiddos!

The Goods: We received a standard cotton race t-shirt. There were no participation / finisher medals for this event but it was a really low cost race, so I didn’t mind too much.

This is a little look at the course (as per the website):

Heart and Sole Classic

Miles 1-2: This race wasn’t the most scenic, but it was pretty flat for a Kansas / Missouri race. The route looped through some shaded and quiet neighborhoods. I hung out towards the back of the pack, alternating walking and running by heart rate. I tried to keep my heart rate below 155 for most of the race.

Miles 3-4: The miles continued through the neighborhoods. The kids still had some spunk as they finished their 5k, which was nice to see. I continued with the walking and running, mostly walking at this point. The race thinned out significantly after the 5k split and there weren’t too many running the 10k… at least not too many in the back of the pack.

Miles 5-6.2: Continued through the second loop of the 5k route. I knew where the shady spots were and the minor hills, so that was helpful. Even with walking, husband and I still managed to pull ahead of a few and ended up not being last! Any race where I can keep my heart rate down and not finish last is considered a success for me!

This is what the race looked like, pace/HR/elevation wise:


Garmin Results: 6.26 Miles, 1:20:18 Average Pace: 12:49, Average HR: 158

Actual Results: 6.2 Miles, 1:20:33 Average Pace: 12:57


Second Trimester- Weeks 23 and 24

Baby: Size of a bunch of grapes (23), garden eggplant (24)

Fitness: I’ve been focusing on doing a run / walk streak until I give birth. I want to run or walk at least 1 mile every day. I’ve been currently streaking since May 7th. Sometimes, it’s just a 1 mile walk at night after dinner, but I have been trying to increase my running.

Total miles for the week 23= 22.44, week 24= 18.36

Weight Gain: I’m now up about +30 pounds already. I guess I just need to throw in the towel at this point and just accept the fact that I will blow through the recommended 35 pound weight gain. I’m eating healthy, working out every day, and doing the best I can for my body and my baby. My body apparently just wants to cling onto every drop of water and keep a nice amount of fat stored… you know, just in case.

Food Cravings: SLURPIES. All of the slurpies. Every time I go for a run/walk, I CRAVE an ice cold (sugary) slurpie. So… We have had a lot of those. Mexican food continues to be favorite as well.

Food Aversions: Not really. I will pretty much tolerate (and eat) anything!

Symptoms: I still feel a lot of abdominal “ripping” pain in my upper abdomen (right under the sternum). Sometimes, I feel some relief when I wrap the area with an ace bandage. Other than that, not a lot of pain really at this point. The baby is ALWAYS moving and I love it! It does throw me off a bit when I am in class and I get a giant punch to the bladder, but other than that, I am thrilled to feel my little one wiggling around!

Lastly, added another 5k to the list of races while pregnant. Husband and I did the Sail Through the Shores St. Clair 5k in Michigan as a way to get to know the area around our new home. I LOVED how flat the course was, despite the heat (who the heck has a race at noon?!?)


Second Trimester – 14 and 15 Weeks

Week 14:

Baby: Size of a beet. Little one is growing!!

Fitness: Only 2 runs this week = 7.7 total miles. We had a lot going on at school / work so I was definitely slacking.

Weight Gain: I’m officially up 15 pounds. Already. Ugh. But the good news is that I’m less hungry. I honestly think it is mostly water weight but we will see. I bought a 24 hour urine test to see if I’m starting to become pre-eclamptic (not a word). I’m hoping for clear results.

Food Cravings: Nothing really. Except cheese. I could eat cheese all day (but I only allow myself 2 babybels a day…)

Food Aversions: Processed food. Specifically fast food. The only fast food item I can stand is fries and even that is not easy to finish.

Symptoms: Hip pain. Weight gain. Moodiness.

Week 15:

We were in spring break for the week and I decided to drive down to Huntsville, Alabama to help husband get settled in for his acquisition (new job) training. And to visit some old friends (they’re the best). I loved my time down there… but I do not recommend driving 10 hours while pregnant. My hips were so SO sore the next day. 20 hours total of driving (there and back a week later) = no fun for me.

Had some fancy soda in lieu of beer for St Patrick’s Day:

Baby: Size of an avocado

Fitness: 3 runs. Lots of boring treadmills runs but I’m just glad to be moving. 9.4 total miles

Weight Gain: Still sitting at 15 lbs up.

Food Cravings: Fruity, chewy candy. Sprees. Mike and Ikes. Zours.

Food Aversions: Fast food. Except fries

Symptoms: Mood swings. Hip pain. Backaches. And I SWEAR I felt the baby move once. It may have been gas… but I want to believe it was the baby!

Happy Veteran’s Day

Just wanted to post a shout out to my fellow veterans. It’s not easy being away from your family, juggling demands of family and work, and wondering when your next deployment is going to be. I am proud to serve and thankful for the experiences that I have received through the Army.

Race Recap Catchup: 2017 Army Ten Miler

Now that it has been about a month… Might want to post a review of this year’s ATM race. Bottom line- it wasn’t the most pleasant race. But it WAS a great weekend for me.

Columbus Day weekend is our annivarsary weekend, so we decided to fuel up for the race (and celebrate our anniversary) at the Charleston , where we held our reception last year. It is our favorite restaurant (and place) in the mid Atlantic region and we have yet to find a place that compares. The food, the staff, the ambiance… it is all just perfect. I limited myself to just one glass of champagne and let my husband try out some of their new cocktails (I mean… SOMEONE had to drive down to DC). I didn’t take pictures of every course, but here are a few of the most delicious (and seasonal) ones:


My husband had fois gras for one of his courses. Normally, the fois gras has a more sweet prepartion, with brioche and some sort of delicious fruit glaze or compote. But this time, the dish was savory, with black beans. I LOVED the taste of it.


However, I have to say that mine was even better… This is the scallop “BLT,” with thick cut bacon strips and a fresh heirloom tomatoe. It was incredible! Their scallops are always perfect (we even had them in our wedding menu), but this was my favorite preparation that Charleston has done to date. Now…back to the race.

Packet Pickup:

As with the last couple races, I haven’t been in Maryland/DC to pick up the packets- I left that to my husband. The packet pickup takes place at the Armory near the RFK Stadium. Husband reported that packet pickup was smooth… DC traffic (which never really ceases) was the only bad part of packet pickup.

The Goods:

I forgot the shirt at the Maryland condo, but the shirt was the same as usual- long sleeve technical shirt. And with previous races, you receive a challenge coin at the end (rather than a medal).



The Race:

Weather reports were not good for the race. Rain was expected and the humidy was really high. I made a call to just take it easy and enjoy the race, with an intent to keep my HR below 165 for the race. I didn’t want to hold my husband back (even on our anniversary), so we snapped a quick selfie and split after crossing the starting line.


(Clearly we were still kind of asleep….)

I kept my pace pretty slow and even with the weather, I genuinely enjoyed this race! I’m usually pushing so hard that I don’t take the time to actually look around and enjoy the monuments… But I was able to this time and it made the race so much more enjoyable.

As mentioned before, the weather was terrible for this race. It was in the 70s with extremely high humidity. It started to rain a little during the beginning of the race, but it quickly passed (and added to the already terrible humidity). There were times when it felt like I was suffocating, not because I was exerting myself, but because the humidity was so terrible. There were water points every couple miles, which helped… but I feel like the volunteers should have spread the tables and waters out to every mile once the weather started to turn. After around 10:15 or 10:20am, I overheard another runners saying that the course was downgraded and would be a “fun run” without official times for runner on the shortened course. There were several heat injuries, seemingly a lot more than usual…

But… other than the weather, I really enjoyed the race and will run it again next year.

We were staying at a hotel in Crystal City, so we made a mad dash (walk/run) back to the hotel to shower and check out… Just in time! It was a pretty great weekend.

Garmin Results: 10.12 Miles, 1:50:09, Average Pace: 10:53 Average HR: 166

Actual Results: 10 Miles, 1:50:06, Average Pace: 11:00




Training Recap for March 13-19, 2017

Another week in the books. Another week of training that is focused on keeping my heart rate at a reasonable level.  I took the time to read Hanson’s Marathon Method this week and tweaked my current running plan to resemble the “Beginner” plan in the book. The mileage is a little more than I am used to, but I think as long as I keep my easy runs easy (key word being EASY), then the mileage should be just fine. I jumped in about 3 weeks into the plan, since I already have a pretty solid HR base built over the past month. The next race on the agenda is the Hot Chocolate 15K in Philadelphia on April 1st. I ran the race last year, so I am hoping to make some improvements this year (and hoping the HR training will pay off)!

Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Easy 4m on treadmill (1% incline) [11:15 min/mi avg pace, 151 bpm avg HR] + Jillian Michael’s Shape Up Front  (affiliate link)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Easy 4 miles outdoors [11:37 min/mi avgpace, 159 bpm avg HR]. Looked like this:

Thursday HR and Pace

(HR in red, Pace in blue)

Friday: Intervals on the treadmill (2 mins @7.0mph, 2 mins @ 5.0mph) for 4 miles [10:39 min/mi avg pace, 165 bpm avg HR] + Legs/Back Lifting + 10 minutes on the StepMill

Saturday: Rest (and St. Patrick’s Day recovery…)

Sunday: Fitness Blender Total Body Workout + easy 5 miles [11:33 min/mi avg pace, 156 bpm avg HR]. Looked like this:

sunday run

Baltimore 10 Miler

Hills. Small hills. Moderate hills. Some more hills.

That about sums up my experience during the Baltimore 10 miler. My body was totally dead from the race, but I might have myself to blame for that partly. I did stay up until almost midnight the night before… had a couple margaritas… So yea… Not the best discipline when it comes to racing. I DID drink a lot of water though so that’s a good thing right…

Anyway, we got up around 6 am to get to the race. Luckily, the race start/finish was only a 10 minute drive from our hotel and getting there was really smooth. The race started (and ended) at Druid Hill Park. Even though we have been in the area for a few months, we still have a lot of Baltimore to explore and experience. The park was really beautiful and the weather was pretty good. It was slightly overcast and mildly humid, so I can’t really complain about the weather.

The course was a lollipop course, starting at Druid Hill Park and heading out to Lake Montebello, running around the lake, and then ending back at the park. The only really flat portion of the course was the loop around the lake. Otherwise it was a lot of ups and down…. Which I definitely felt. Even fiance was complaining about his IT band bothering him after the race. The course was a little boring overall.


Very well organized start… The race organizers separated the runners into waves and people actually adhered to the waves! It didn’t bunch up a lot like normal races.

There was a lot of support from the Baltimore Police and Fire/Rescue. And a lot of the runners took the time out to thank the police and fire/rescue personnel. It was really nice to see that out on the course.

COLD. TOWELS. I loved that they handed out cold wash cloths at the end of the race. Definitely hit the cool-down spot!


We didn’t get the premiums until AFTER the race. I would have liked to avoid waiting in a line at the end of the race to get our shirts… I’m not quite sure why they didn’t distribute them at the packet pickps.

Lots of hills. But it’s Baltimore… so I just need to accept that there are hills everywhere and learn to embrace my burning leg muscles.

Overall, I did enjoy the race. I hated it DURING the race, but I secretly loved how tired and spent I felt afterwards… Sign of a good, tough run for me. (Even though I sucked and my pace sucked and it just was a sad, sad day of facing for me…). Being a King Crab Challenger, I also was able to get a medal! Only the King Crab peep received a medal for this race. I felt kind of bad for the other runners who were protesting and asking how come THEY didn’t get a medal. I guess that’s part of the perk of paying a chunk of money at the beginning of race season for three Corrigan Sports races. Ch-ch-check it out!