Friday Five: What’s In My Gym Bag?!

Hello!!! I’m so glad it’s a Friday… It’s been a long week.  I am in the process of transitioning my jobs and learning a new skill, so I am currently in a training program down here in Huntsville, Alabama. (So… please give me a little slack — I’m living in a hotel room, out of several suitcases… my pictures aren’t the best, but more on that LATER).

ANYWHOOOO… Since I’m new to the blogging world, I have decided to follow the lead of some of my favorite bloggers and jump on the Friday Five bandwagon! This week, the ladies at the DC Trifecta ( Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney ) have asked the interwebs for a peek into everyone’s gym bags! So… here is a look at my (transient) gym bag:

First… The bag. In my job, I can only carry non-flashy, boring gym bags. This bag has been with me since 2006, and is still holding on strong! She does her job, and does it well!


1.  My Old-School Garmin:


I’ve had this since 2010, so it may look a little ancient to everyone. However, I tend to use electronics until they die and this is no exception. She’s still going strong after all these years. Although I haven’t been using her as much lately, I always like to have her with me when I go to the gym.  I usually do my runs and cardio outdoors, then scoot into the gym for stretching and weight lifting (ehh… sometimes), followed by a shower.

2.  Music Devices:


At any given time, I will have three iPods/shuffles and a variety of headphones in my bag! I like to use my larger iPod for treadmill runs and smaller (pink) shuffle for outdoor runs. The silver shuffle is used for the pool (water jogging can get BORING). NOTE: I rarely use the basic iPhone earbuds, but had them handy so those were snapped in the picture!



I don’t know how I’ve accumulated SO MANY of these but there is a growing collection in my bag. I think it is mainly because I will start out my runs / workouts with my hair in a bun and then my hair slowly transitions into a ponytail…. and then I leave it down after the shower. Sure. That sounds like a good enough excuse (I promise I’m not a hairband hoarder…)!

4. Workout Cards


I am the type of person that requires checklists, routines, written instruction to guide me through my life… And this doesn’t really change when it comes to my workouts. If it’s on the card, I HAVE to do it! So I find various workouts online and write them down and use these little magic cards to hold myself accountable. There’s also like a million of these cards spread throughout my gym bag. But they’re useful, so they’re not going anywhere!

5. Experimental Hair Products (and body products.. and anything I can get from Sephora for free/cheap)


During the holidays, I spend a LOT of money at Sephora. I like to try new things, but I don’t like committing to products unless I love them. So… the solution is to get free sample or small trial packs and use them! They’re easy to throw in a gym bag and use on a daily basis. If I love it… I go back to Sephora and give them even more of my money.

And that rounds out my Friday Five post! This was actually really fun to do and I look forward to more Friday Five posts in the future. I hope the DC girls continue to invite fellow bloggers to participate!