Second Trimester- Week 16

Week 16:

Baby: Size of a dill pickle

Fitness: 4 runs (and one 3 mile walk with P) this week! I feel like I’m starting to get back into the groove of running again. I plan on trying to run 3 mi/ day on Monday-Friday, and swim 2-3 times a week. I want to do some light lifting at least twice a week as well. If my hip is feeling good, I will also try to do a “long” run on Saturdays – 5-6 miles. Total miles for the week- 17.5

Weight Gain: Weight at the OB appointment showed a gain of +16 pounds. That is with clothes on. Apparently I wore heavier clothing during my 12 week appointment, because my OB stated that my weight was stable and I had not gained any weight. I’m working really hard to get my diet in check starting next week to make sure I get the proper nutrients. Since P was here visiting… we splurged a little (think a doughnut, a happy meal, and popcorn at the movies).

Food Cravings: Fruit popsicles. I’m really loving the Outshine No Sugar Added Popsicles

Food Aversions: No real aversions this week. I will eat pretty much anything… Which isn’t a good thing!

Symptoms: I’m an emotional rollercoaster this week! Songs, old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Fuller House have made me cry all week! What the heck? Also, hip pain. I cannot lay on the couch for longer than 15 minutes and am constantly changing sides at night. I’m not sure if it is just from having so much weight pressing down on my hips or if it is from running.


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