First Trimester – Weeks 9-12

Week 9:

Baby: Size of a pecan

Fitness: Did a lot of running during the later half of the week. I’ve also started to do a little lifting, to include: pushups, squats (with kegels), lunges, leg lifts, shoulder presses and 30 seconds of planks. Completed my first pregnant 5k this week, with a 12:12 average pace (not too shabby…); 7 run/walks for a total of 20.88 miles.

Weight Gain: Still staying in the same range as weeks 7-8. Up 10 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I had one day bump up to 11 pounds, but I think it is because I ate a burger and fries (sodium city!) and my weight settled back to the +10 pounds range.

Food Cravings: Burgers… I’m not usually a fast food person, but I have been craving salty fries and burgers like CRAZY! And fruit. I may or may not have spent $30 or so on fruit alone this week…

Food Aversions: Taco Bell. Taco Bell is usually my guilty pleasure/cheat meal for the week. But the thought of Taco Bell makes my stomach turn a little, which is probably a good thing for the little pecan.

Symptoms: I’ve been experiencing really intense headaches. One headache lasted a solid 72 hours, even though I took some Tylenol. It finally went away for about half a day, but I have been having intermittent headaches ever since. During my last pregnancy, I didn’t have any migraines and I was hoping for the same migraine reprieve this time around… I guess not. Womp Womp. Also, lots of back pain and fatigue.

Week 10:

Baby: Size of a kumquat / prune

Fitness: Running started to feel better this week but I only went on a few runs. Did 4 runs, followed by a few body weight strength exercises (squats with kegel, leg lifts, pushups on knees, lunges). Total of 12.69 miles of run/walks this week.

Weight Gain: I bumped up another two pounds this week but dropped down a pound on Monday. I’m hoping that this is due to water weight but we shall see. I am concerned about the rapid weight gain, but trying to keep it in check. Up + 12 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Food Cravings: Lots of salty food and crunchy food. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and cucumbers with salt. Since Lent kicked off, I’ve been trying to avoid fast food and take out, but did cave and had pizza once. The pizza likely led to the water weight.

Food Aversions: None. I love food. Sadly.

Symptoms: Not too bad this week. Just a couple minor headaches and backaches. And a lot of naps. I really love my naps.

Week 11

Baby: Size of a brussel sprout

Fitness: The weather was terrible, so I did not run as much as last week. Running feels great, but I was only able to get in 10 miles. Total run / walk: 10.01 miles

Weight Gain: I lingered around the +12 lbs point, then dropped 3 pounds randomly. I have been making a conscious effort to eat more fruits and veggies (and fiber!), so maybe that helped cut some of the bloating and weight gain. I also exercised less this week, so not sure how that plays into it. After eating out at a couple restaurants over the weekend, ended up +13 pre-pregnancy weight.

Food Cravings: In the beginning of the week, I was craving salty foods, such as Olive Garden salad and bread sticks… But towards the end of the week, I just wanted salad and fruit!

Food Aversions: None at first… But lately, any type of processed or fast food makes my stomach turn.

Symptoms: Sore hips, back, boobs… and a couple headaches. Otherwise, pretty smooth week.

Week 12

Baby: Size of an apricot / plum

Fitness:  I also did two days of strength training… and ran a half marathon. I use the term run loosely… I ran/walked a half marathon. I was so incredibly sore for about 2 days afterwards. But… it is probably my only half and I signed up for it prior to becoming pregnant. I’m really proud of myself for finishing. Total weekly miles: 23.32

Weight Gain: I gained even more weight this week. I’m officially +15 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I discussed this with my perinatologist, but he didn’t seem concerned. I’m still focusing on eating as many fruits, veggies, salads with lean meat, and low-sodium foods as possible, but I keep holding onto water. I hope that I can stay at this weight for a couple more weeks before adding more. I’m genuinely concerned about the pre-eclampsia starting earlier this time around…

Food Cravings: I’m actually craving a lot of cheese, fruit, veggies and popcicles. I bought some whole fruit popsicles to hold me over.

Food Aversions: Fast food. The thought of fried food makes me want to hurl.

Symptoms: Lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain (related to the race, most likely) and I can’t seem to find a comfortable sleep position, even with what I affectionately call the snoodle.


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