Race Recap Catchup: Charles Street 12

Onto my second belated race recap of the summer/fall season- the Charles Street 12. This was the third time that my husband and I participated in the race. It is the final race of the Baltimore B3 running series. There were some changes to this race that I wasn’t particularly fond of, but we can discuss that later.

Packet Pickup:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend packet pickup since I’m now living in Missouri. My husband (who is still in Maryland) grabbed the packets for us from the local Charm City Run store. He said packet pickup was a breeze, which is usually the case for the Baltimore B3 races.

The Goods:

I really love the B3 premiums. They’re always great quality Under Armour items. This year I got an awesome hoodie.


The Race:

This was my third year participating in this race and it is generally one of my favorite Baltimore races. The organizers changed the course this year and I didn’t really pay attention to any of the emails… I thought that I was seasoned, so I just needed to park at Power Plant and take the bus to Towson… Well, that was a terrible idea. This year, the race ended at the Under Armour factory, rather than the Power Plant. I realized this once my husband and I parked at the garage closest to Power Plant. It was eerily empty and I quickly pulled up the email and realized that we were in the WRONG PART OF TOWN! Luckily, we had enough time to spare to be able to get over to Under Armour. One of the things I really don’t like about this area is the parking… There are limited spots at the new finish line.

The race itself slightly differed from the previous courses, rerouted to conclude at Under Armour rather than Power Plant in the inner harbor. The reroute didn’t make the course more difficult (in my opinion), and there are still a lot of downhill portions to the route.


I ended up doing pretty poorly at this race. My HR was really high even for the duration of the race, even when I tried to slow down to keep it down. This caused some mental issues because I wanted to keep my HR at a reasonable rate for this race.


I was not really impressed with the post-race party at the Under Armour HQs. The lines for post race food and beverages were really long, to the point that my husband and I ended up just skipping that part and going home. It just didn’t seem as well organized as the past races. Overall, it was still a pretty good race and I would recommend it.

Garmin Results: 12.06 Miles, 1:57:15, Average Pace: 9:44 Average HR: 180

Actual Results: 12.00 Miles, 1:57:11, Average Pace: 9:46



Race Recap Catchup: Great Sedro-Woolley Footrace

Let me start this by apologizing for being almost 4 months late on posting these reviews… Life has been a little chaotic over the past few months. I recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri from Maryland, started to attend school, and have been trying to keep afloat on my thesis writing! And stuck inside all of that was a couple races… So let me focus on catching up the blog.

The Great Sedro-Woolley Footrace

The Great Sedro-Woolley Footrace (and yes, there is a hyphen in there… it’s legit, I promise!) is held every year on the 4th of July in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. It is a small town and this race is part of a festival called “Logger-Rodeo.” The race features a 5.17 mile race and a 2 mile fun run/walk. I chose to do the 2 mile fun run as a practice race for the Army Physical Fitness Test that I would be taking a couple weeks later. The race is only $25.00, regardless of what distance you run. This is the bare bones cost… if you want a t shirt, it will cost you another $10.00. I opted to forgo the shirt (I have plenty already!) and thing that the race is quite a steal.

Packet Pickup:

The packet pickup takes place the day of the race, in the parking lot of the local high school. Check in started at 07:30, and the volunteers made this a very smooth process. It is a relatively small race, so that is helpful.

The Goods:

As mentioned previously, you can choose to pay an extra $10 for a shirt. Otherwise, this is a small race without any medals (unless you’re an overall winner… then you MIGHT get one… I honestly cannot remember if the top 3 got a medal).

The Race:

The race course is not the most scenic, with the majority of the race taking place through the downtown area of the tiny town. However, if you run the 5.17 distance, the course will take you down by the river, which is a little more scenic. The best part of this race is how extremely FLAT it is. If you want a PR for these two random distances, THIS is the place to do it.

The race starts in the later part of the morning (09:30), so the weather was a little warmer than I would have preferred. However, it was still a quick, low-stress race.

My biggest complaint or concern about the race is the way that they time the race. There is not a timing mat. There is a person at the finish line collecting your chips and then running them back to the computer station to calculate your place and time. I ran hard through the finish line, but slowly handed my chip to the woman collecting them. Had I known that my “place in line” would be my place and final time, I would have continued running to the woman collecting the chips. I ended up missing the opportunity to place in my age group by 2 seconds! BUT, my husband ended up getting first place in his age ground, so I call this whole a thing a success!


Good job, love!

Garmin Results: 2.00 Miles, 16:47 Average Pace: 8:24, Average HR: 140

Actual Results: 2.00 Miles, 16:29, Average Pace: 8:14