I suck at hills.

Straight up. I suck at hills. Regardless of how much I have been running or what shape I’m in, hills always kick my ass. (and stairs. Freaking eh. Always winded going up stairs, even if I’m running every day… they always get me).

Lately, as mentioned before, I have been really struggling to get back into my running groove and make progress. I’m trying to make little gains in each race I do, trying to shave off a minute here or 30 seconds there (depending on the distance). Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I have been confined to the use of a treadmill but I still make sure to thrown in intervals to try to help get my speed work done. But I still feel like I’m not getting any better (probably getting worse).  My race times show that I am making progress because each race this past year has been an improvement from the previous race.  However, I feel that during my day-to-day running, I just cannot get my speed to pick up. And I think running lots of little rolling hills has been killing me.

While I’m out running, I FEEL winded and I FEEL like I’m constantly going up and down hills. It has been really frustrating because when I was living in NY, I ran a specific route that had a HUGE hill that I had to climb every day. To me, if I could run that route comfortable in the 9:00s, then I shouldn’t be struggling in the 10:00s running the route here. Yesterday, I decided to map the route and check the elevation and compare the two running routes to see why I am struggling so much.

This is the 5ish mile route I would run in NY:

NY Elevation

NY Elevation2

This is my new 5 mile route:

MD Elevation1

MD Elevation2

Uh… yea… I can see now why the runs here have been kicking my ass. Stupid small, frequent hills.  (SIDE NOTE: my 3 and 4 mile routes are also along similar roads / hills).  The only way I can get better at running hills is to continue to run hills… so I guess I will keep pushing myself. I just have to remember not to get frustrated and that progress isn’t instant…. If you want something, you have to work for it!


One thought on “I suck at hills.

  1. Yup and yup!
    I hate running hills as well… I now run with a trainer – once a week – and guess what we do every week… We sprint up hill. Hmm.

    And… After two months… I’m already better. Yay!! Perseverance is the key!!! :)))


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