Marine Corps Marathon

I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon with an honest belief that I probably wouldn’t make it through the lottery process… Well, luckily I was wrong! I was delighted to get this email:

…. And then the panic set in. I remembered how badly it hurt to push my body through 26.2 miles during the Boston Marathon Shadow Run in Afghanistan.  But the panic soon subsided and I found out that the fiancé would be running with me. I decided that I would use the Hal Higdon Novice 2 program to train and do about 6 weeks of pre-training prior to that. I finished my last marathon in 4:27, so my goal is currently set for 4:15ish. It seems really aggressive… but to be honest, I didn’t really train for the shadow run. I ran daily and did some long runs here and there… but didn’t really dedicate myself to any sort of training plan. This time, I am going to train harder and smarter and work slowly to get myself in a better running position. Even if I only can shave off 5-10 minutes, I will be happy!

It’s been difficult to set a schedule and keep up with my diet and fitness while I’m traveling so much for work. But I WILL do better about managing my diet, my weight and making sure that I stick to my running schedule.

This is what I’m looking at for the week:

M: Off

T: AM: 3m run ; PM: 5x400m intervals (treadmill)

W: 4m pace (9:40-9:45)

R:  3m run

F: 3m run

S: Cross

S: Alexandria Half Marathon

Here goes nothing!


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