Current Status: 30 Races in 2015

I need to really keep track of all my races. Doing 30 races in a year is a lot and I want to be able to track them all and push myself to get better and faster (and not get hurt)!

Here is where I’m at:

1. January 4th, 2015: Camarillo Half Marathon (Camarillo, CA)

2. January 24th, 2015: Zoo Run Run (Nashville, TN)

3. January 31st, 2015: Birmingham Chocolate 5k (Hoover, AL)

4. February 8th, 2015: Winter Winds 2 Mile Race (Huntsville, AL)

5. February 8th, 2015: Winter Winds 4 Mile Race (Huntsville, AL)

6. February 14th, 2015: Hot Chocolate 15k (Nashville, TN)

7. March 14, 2015: Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon (Washington, D.C.)

8. March 15, 2015: Kelly St. 5k (part of B3 Series) (Baltimore, MD)

9. April 4, 2015: Hartford Quarter Marathon (Hartford, CT)

10. April 18, 2015: Sole of the City 10k (part of B3 Series) (Baltimore, MD)

11. April 25, 2015: Glo Run (Washington, D.C)

12. May 2, 2015: Twilight 5k (part of Nut Job) (Frederick, MD)

13. May 3, 2015: Frederick Half Marathon (Nut Job / King Crab Challenge) (Frederick, MD)

14. May 16, 2016: Patriot Pride 10k (Fort Meade, MD)

I am nearly halfway through… but the races will start to slow down. It is beginning to get really hot and humid here and I don’t think there will be too many races that I will take part in until the fall.

I have been really bad about keeping up with this blog lately… But I will do better. I think writing things down and having a reference point help keeps me accountable and makes me really take a look at how I am training. Lately, I have been putting my running goals to the side and just … been lazy. I get exhausted from work and use that as an excuse to let my running go to crap and let my weight creep up. I need to stop using work as an excuse and start using running as an outlet.


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