Friday Five: Five Races I’m Totally Stoked for in 2015

Happy Birthday to ME! And how do I celebrate this fantastic occasion?! By taking my final exam and hitting the road to get to my new home– Maryland! (And post more… I promise I will be more talkative on here once I have my own computer and blazing fast internet… I PROMISE)

It’s Friday… and you know what that means! Linking up with the amazing  MarCynthia, and Courtney  and discussing the topic of the week– the five races I’m looking forward to for 2015!

1. Hot Chocolate 15K Nashville

Check. Done. Amazing. I loved everything about this race–my pace, how my body felt, having Fiance with me, the awesome medal and the fondue. Come on. Fondue. SOLD!

2. Rock and Roll Half Marathon DC

This will be my first Rock and Roll Half. I checked out the elevation chart for this one… and the middle of the race is going to smoke me! But I think the excitement and the runners around me will motivate me!

3. Shamrock 5K, Sole of the City 10K, Charles Street 12 Miler (B3)

I decided the best way to run around my new home is to sign up for three races. Great idea, right? But I’m looking forward to it!

4. King Crab Challenge (Frederick Half, Baltimore 10 Miler, Baltimore Running Festival Half)

I signed up for one three-race challenge. Why not another? These are my favorite distances, so I’m pretty excited about these as well!

5. MCM or Army 10 miler

A girl can dream right? Maybe, just MAYBE, I will make the lottery / get registered before it sells out. We shall see. Shoot for the moon, right?

What races is everyone else doing this year? Any great races in the Baltimore / DC / Philadelphia area that you can recommend?


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