Friday Five: Moments of Love

Happy Friday the 13th!  13 is actually my favorite number… So hopefully that means that today is a great day! I have a busy weekend ahead of me and projects left to complete for class… Almost to the finish line!


MarCynthia, and Courtney  have posted “love” as the Friday Five link up topic! I’m really excited to share a few moments of love that have touched me through the years.

1. Soaking up some of the last few moments together before I left on my first deployment.


I was able to celebrate her “birthday” with her… Although, on her real birthday I was already in Kuwait.

2. Returning home on leave for the first time to my baby girl!

Iraq Leave

She grew SO MUCH. Deployments are hard…

3. Dressing up on Halloween with the little!


(Yes… I am aware how creepy the white rabbit is… But I make sacrifices when committing to a theme!)


Fiance is bakc

That’s a REAL SMILE from him… He isn’t really much of a “smiler” but I think he was happy to be back!

5. Moments with these two… My loves! 

My loves

I am so incredibly blessed… Just looking at these moments makes me realize that I really have all that I need in life… Happy Valentine’s Day!


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