Winter Winds 2 and 4 Mile Road Races Recap

Happy Monday!!! Usually people say that Mondays are the worst… But I personally think of them as a fresh start! Last week was a rough week for me (lots of knowledge crammed into my head) and I am ready to take this week head on (and it’s going to be another tough one)!

This weekend I participated in TWO races (all part of one event). I did the Winter Winds 2 & 4 Mile Road Races here in Huntsville.  The two mile race started at 2:00 and the four mile race started right after at 2:30. Ugh. I absolutely despise running in the afternoon. I’m definitely more of a morning runner… But I made it work.

I had a chia drink for breakfast… went to Mass… had another chia drink and a banana before the race and hoped for the best! I could tell during the 2 mile race that I definitely didn’t have enough fuel for a fast, short race.

The race was a relatively small race.  There were lots of young runners (probably from the cross country / track team of the school that hosted the event).  I expected to do well on the 2 mile and just use the 4 mile as a “cool down” run to finish out the weekend.  I positioned myself near the front of the pack to try to get the best time that I could….

Which didn’t happen for the 2 mile. I has pushing for a 16:00 or so (I had gotten a 16:48 on my PT test and averaged an 8:10 per mile for the 5k… so I figured it was within reach). I really did push myself… but it didn’t go as planned. The main difference between this race and a traditional PT test was the hills.  There were a lot of little hills that I was not expecting. I think the hills slowed my down physically and slowed me down mentally. I pushed hard but got very discouraged as I watched all the younger, more fit women passing me. I ended up finishing at 16:47 and in 4th place for my age group. My heart was HAMMERING and I struggled to catch my breath before the 4 miler. I almost did not do the 4 miler but fiance convinced me to do it as planned–just use the 4 miler as a cool down run. Discouraged but determined, I lined up for the 4 miler.

I positioned myself in the middle of the pack and told myself to just relax and run the pace that felt comfortable. Once we started running, I played a little game that I used to play in Afghanistan with fiance called “Pass one person, don’t let them pass you.” I would find someone in the crowd and pass them… then keep going. I passed them, one by one and made my way up. I ended up finishing 3rd in my age group and at a 9:11 pace! Which was WAY better than I expected!

Race results

Woooo! I also got a gift card? I don’t know how much yet (I have to redeem it still). I have never won anything at a race so this is really exciting for me!

Gift Card

I look forward to the 15k I have coming up… I have decided that I’m better at distances, where I have time to slowly build up my pace and get comfortable.


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