Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

It’s another beautiful Friday! Finished my first test of my program management course (missed one–DANG) and am ready for the weekend!  BUT FIRST…


Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney  have asked fellow bloggers / readers to share their fitness snapshots of the week… but since I’m terrible at taking photographic evidence of my workouts, I will share some fitness snapshots of my racing history.. Starting with my first 5k I ever raced!

1. Valentine’s Day 5k in Afghanistan

Valentines 5k

(Photo courtesy of my awesome Soldiers!)

I decided to do this race because my Soldiers were going to do and.. and I thought “Why not?” I had been running for a while and wanted to see how I would do in an actual race. I was a little scared, but did okay over. My goal was sub-30 min and I believe I got around 28-something (I didn’t log it… sadface).  ALSO, it was the first race I did with the fiance.  We have now made it a tradition to run together for Valentine’s Day. The couple that runs together, stays together? Sure. Let’s go with that!

2. St. Patrick’s Day 15K in Afghanistan

first 15k

Photo courtesy of my awesome Soldiers (again!)

Another race in Afghanistan, alongside my Soldiers.  I STARTED the race with the fiance, but he ditched me to race his boss (he’s WAY faster… so I’m just lucky that he slows himself down to spend some quality running time with me).  This was a really fun race and a good “long run” as part of my training for the upcoming Boston Shadow race.  It was the first time I had run this distance and I was pretty happy with it! I do not remember my time though.  I really need to get better about remembering these things!

3. Boston Marathon Shadow Run in Afghanistan

me and david prerace

(Source )

Pre-race photo of fiance and I.  Don’t worry–I didn’t make him run slowly with me (he beat me by about 20 mins), but I did make him take pictures with me.  I looked so happy and so eager to OWN the race.  I can’t believe I finished this race. I didn’t think I could do it… and my body agreed around mile 21… But there was no way I was NOT going to finish!

Boston ew

(Source )

I look like I’m dying a bit in this picture… and I may have been! I tried to smile, but clearly I need to work on my “race smile”  Just keep going was my motto throughout this race.  Keep moving forward!

me and david boston

And post-race! I was SO HAPPY to have that medal around my neck.// // <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ />Kristy Jones.  Averaged a 10:11/mi pace, finishing at 4hrs 27mins. Not bad… I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it in under 5 hours. But I DID! Highlights of the race: (besides NOT DYING)  Multiple high fives with the Easter Bunny, actually RUNNING with the Easter Bunny, talking to the CG while running, and being asked “Do you want a ride” from a van filled with creepy dudes… It was definitely memorable. Post-race, fiance and I just crashed on our office couches. Don’t worry… I still worked! Just… very slowly!

4. Manchester Road Race in Manchester, Connecticut

turkey trop

I really wanted to do a Thanksgiving race and this was the longest race that was close to my fiance’s parent’s house.  So, we signed up, ordered our turkey attire and woke up early to run 4.75 miles!

Turkey trot faces

I had no idea how HUGE this race was until I actually saw it with my own eyes! We took our normal “together” face shot and wrestled our way through the mob for the first two miles. Our time was slower than we wanted, but we finished strong! Next year, hopefully, we will be able to move into the proper corral and not have to fight those runners who are slightly slower than us. It was a GREAT race and I absolutely LOVED all the crowd participation. Everyone would shout “Gobble, Gobble” at us, which was AWESOME!

 5. Jingle Bell 5k in Tacoma, Washington

family christmas 5k

This race was short and quick… had I been running at my normal pace. But, we had my little in tow, so we ran at her pace.  Which was.. about a 13 minute mile. I don’t mind it because I just love running with her! With each race, she runs a little more and walks a little less, so it’s a success for me! We used her competitive spirit to make her go a little faster (she wanted to beat the boys)! She ultimately only wanted to finish because of the candy canes. She literally stopped about 50 feet from the end and said “I’m done!”  Then a passer-by said “But you get candy canes after you finish!”  That changed her mind entirely!

me and little

(With her much-earned candy canes!)

I hope to run similar races with fiance and my little this year as well! Races are so fun to do as a family!


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