Just Checking In…

Happy First Week of February!

This is definitely my favorite month of the year. So many good things– the Superbowl (usually), Valentine’s Day, a guaranteed long-weekend (President’s Day), and my BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately, I will not be able to celebrate with the Fiance until the weekend following my birthday because I will be finishing up my course here in Huntsville. I’m excited to see what Fiance has planned though… I will let you know!

Random thoughts of the week…

This popped up in my email and my heart was instantly shattered.


I won’t be in town when 50 cent and G-Unit are playing!!  The funniest thing about 50 cent is my fiance’s interest in him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fiance to death, but he isn’t really the “50 cent” type.  He wears polo shirts, studied environmental management and political science in school, and … likes Star Wars (so do I, don’t judge)!  It always cracks me up when I see him singing along to 50 cent! Bummed I couldn’t take him… Maybe next time, 50 Cent

I’ve been trying to eat healthier this week  I have noticed how much of an impact my diet has on my running. Eating crap = me running like crap. Lots of spinach, salad, fruit and healthy soups. However… I have allowed myself to have a small treat each day. I’ve recently discovered a new, delicious treat!

gummy bears

I bought these for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day package and decided to try one for dessert. You know… just to make sure they were good enough for her 😉  … and they’re so good! And they don’t make me feel like crap afterword. Organic gummies FTW!

Here’s where I’m at in my workouts this week:

Monday: Nothing. Monday’s always get me.

Tuesday: Did 3 miles on the treadmill–pushing myself to do each mile a little faster. Sucked and was awesome all at the same time.

Wednesday: 3 mile “warm up” on the treadmill, followed by the Body Power class at the gym. It was a smoker! I used more weight this time and was feeling it! I loved it… and the instructor was awesome.

Hopefully I can keep up the momentum that started on Tuesday… Longish run scheduled for today!


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