Training Log for 1/26/15 – 2/1/15

Monday: Took a day off for rest. It seems that I am resting a lot lately! I just need to shake this sickness and hopefully will feel better as the week goes on!

Tuesday: Did a short 3ish mile run. I mostly wanted to recon a good running route that I could use in the mornings. The sun doesn’t rise early enough here and I wanted to get a good route that I feel safe running even in the dark. I basically skirt around the campus and stay close to main roads. Safety is awesome!

Wednesday Finally did a little bit of speed work on the treadmill. Did 5 x 1/4 mi at 5K pace with a 1 mile warm up and 1/4 mi rest between intervals.

Thursday Studied. Yes. I’m not following the plan this week…. I will do better next week.

Friday: Ran a slow, easy 5 miles on the treadmill. I watched Criminal Minds to help get through the boredom!

Saturday: Ran a GREAT 5k! It’s sooooo good to make progress.

Sunday: Rest!


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