Oh, You’re a Runner?

Last night we had a small social event with another class.  We started off with dinner at the dining facility at the hotel, then moved upstairs to the lounge for drinks and discussion.


(I was a nerd and brought my own wine glass [and I only had a white wine glass]… I just feel that wine should not be consumed out of a plastic cup if it doesn’t have to be!)

After heated discussion on the importance of a PMP and product requirements, we somehow stumbled upon a discussion about races. I always feel an instant bond with other runners! I feel like runners are just as bad as crossfitters:



At first it was just me and a fellow classmate talking about running, but within a few minutes there were about 5 of us just yammering on and on about half marathons, treadmill workouts, speed work… Yes, our job does kind of force us to run… but it does not force us to like it! I am so glad that I have been able to work to overcome the physical issues that I have and actually BE a runner! It has become a part of my identity.  Running does so much for me — helps me clear my mind, helps me focus, fills me with endorphins! I’m so glad to be able to call myself a runner now!


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