Nashville Zoo Run Run

One of the best things about traveling for my job is the ability to explore new areas… and complete races in new cities!

Fiancé came down from New York to visit me this weekend and I did my best to show him a good time. He has never been to a Mellow Mushroom, so we went there for dinner and drinks! I had a delicious barley wine (didn’t get the name) and he had an Ace Pineapple Cider. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it! It tastes just like a white Lifesaver candy and is extremely drinkable! We split two small pizzas (with LOTS left over) and headed to the local hockey game. I still do not understand hockey 100% but it was fun!

On Saturday, we had a lazy morning and got ourselves ready to head to Nashville.  We left late in the morning, bringing out race clothes with us to change into… Let’s just say that was a bad idea. I have never done this race before, but I just assumed there would be access to the zoo bathrooms.  There was not… so that meant an awkward changing-in-the-car situation.  It wasn’t the best moment of my life, but I got it done!

It was a beautiful day–sunny but a little chilly. We headed over to the race start area to hit up the bathroom and hit a few snags. There were probably between 3000-5000 people there.. and only about 8 restrooms. After a long wait, we finally got in the starting line and got ready to go!

The race was supposed to kick off at 3pm, but didn’t actually start until around 3:20.  We got slowed down in the beginning by the walkers, but after about a mile we finally got into the groove. The race FLEW by and we even got to stop for a couple pictures!

elephant 2

elephant 1

The elephants were so CUTE! They’re fiancé’s favorite animal so we HAD to stop. I wish I had taken pictures with the flamingos. The flamingos are the best!



***NOTE: I’m currently using invisalign… So that’s why my teeth look all crazy. The “anchors” that are adhered to my teeth make me look kind of a vampire. And they hurt. Beauty is pain right?

We finished at 27:38… Didn’t hit my goal of 27 minutes, but hopefully I will get it this weekend at my next 5k. Overall, I had a great time and definitely would run the race again!.


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