Trying to Regain Fitness

About a year ago, I was training for a marathon and in great shape! I was in Afghanistan and doing most of my training in the gym (the air quality is VERY VERY bad and it was easier to breath in the gym… thus running on a treadmill for up to 14 miles at a time).  I was also very strict during lent and took my Lenten fasting very seriously–putting only whole fruits, veggies, and whole grains into my body for the entire Lent period. Having such a great diet and working out with Lil P (the fiancé, who was also deployed with me) helped me to get into the greatest shape in my life.

Upon return from Afghanistan, I continued to run but didn’t really give it my all like I did training for the marathon.  I ran a half marathon in August and didn’t do as well as I had expected. I also think drinking wine during the training wasn’t exactly helpful…

I feel like I have lost all my fitness in the past few months.  I attribute a lot of it to being on the road and being ridiculously busy. I know that I should have excuses… but I do. And I am kicking myself for losing all the fitness that I’ve lost.

HOWEVER… I am not going to get back in shape by doing nothing… So, I am starting back up at square one. I am going to try to incorporate more weight training and cross training into my routine. I think that a lot of my running issues (hip pain, knee pain, IT band stuff) is due to becoming weak… So I will try to combat that! I started on Friday. The UAHuntsville Fitness Center offers some pretty great classes :

Class description

Since I got out of class early on Friday, I decided to hit up the BODYPOWER class. I have never done a class like this before and one of my fellow classmates helped my set my little station up.  I started with really low weights, since I’m not really sure about the shape that I’m in anymore…


The instructor, Chris, was very helpful and walked me through the class before starting. He kept his eye on me and helped guide me throughout the entire process! It was a really great workout, and I definitely could feel the burn throughout the class–especially the ab track at the end. Ouch! I planned on doing a 3 mile run after … but my legs were jello, so I forced myself to push out two… slowww… miles. 10 minute miles SHOULD NOT feel this difficult.

Miles Time

But. I can’t get better by doing nothing. So I will just suck it up, set out a solid training plan (train for a fast 5k and survivable half marathon), do more weight training, and hope for the best! Wish me luck!



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